Another Week of Variety

By |May 23rd, 2016|

The training keeps going and the novelty is exhilarating.

Following Taekwondo and Handball last weekend attention has turned to fencing, swimming, tennis and riding.


I had another teaching session with Sarah Paveley on Tuesday. She kindly came to the Future Business Centre, where we used a meeting room; a real advantage of wheelchair fencing is that it […]

John’s Road2Rio: Taekwondo, Riding and Fencing

By |May 19th, 2016|

This week has been different – no particular event but lots of training and a number of firsts.


Starting last Thursday, I went riding for the first time!  Well, not quite the first time….

That was when I was four and I rode in a specially constructed basket on the back of a donkey.  Apparently I adored […]

John’s Road2Rio: Handball

By |May 16th, 2016|

Handball without hands!  Now that’s a challenge. I was invited by England Handball to attend their Cup Final day at the Copper Box on the Olympic Park to demonstrate how inclusive this popular sport is and encourage more youngsters to give it a go.In order not to make a fool of myself I went to […]

JohnsRoad2Rio – Hockey

By |May 15th, 2016|

The sports are coming fast now.  Cambridge City Hockey Club (@CCHCUK) invited CADMuS and Power2inspire to join in their first ever inclusive hockey festival on the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend.  I had played back in August with them, which had led to a trip to the Copper Box on the Olympic site to […]

JohnsRoad2Rio – The Dive

By |May 1st, 2016|

I knew it was a big day when I woke at 4:00, 4:30, 5:00 and 5:30 am. I gave up at 6:00 am and got up. I was nervous. Though I have appeared in front of large crowds and in the spotlight there is a different fear with diving. Throwing yourself off a board 3 […]