Photos on the Road2Rio By Rachel Garratt


I first began working with Power2Inspire as part of the team running the Power House Games programme taking inclusive sports to schools in Cambridgeshire and Essex. It was very interesting learning about inclusive and adapted sports for people of all ages and abilities and a pleasure to then teach others about them. Very early on I began seeing what an excellent photo opportunity it was due to the interest surrounding the inclusive events. I was then asked to take photos at our Power House Games at Comberton Village College which went so well I was asked to take photos for John on his Road2Rio.rachel

The first event I was invited to, along with my Nikon D3200 and Sigma telephoto zoom lens, was tennis. Here I began to fully appreciate what an amazing project John himself, the Power2Inspire team and the many external people involved had embarked on. I was particularly interested and impressed by the adaptive equipment I first saw at the tennis and then in rowing, archery and cycling. It also added another dimension to the photos I was taking. I have managed to make it to 12 of the 34 events so far, where I developed my skills taking photos and videos for the project and met many of the different communities in each sport.


I have really enjoyed my involvement in JohnsRoad2Rio, it has been very informative regarding inclusive sports, media coverage and my own photography. JohnsRoad2Rio allowed me to test some professional photography techniques as I angled the camera from lying on grass, concrete, judo mats and in the middle of a sports halls as well as put myself in danger of flying goal balls and tennis balls all in an effort to get my best shots! I even went for a run along the Cams river bank to get photos for the rowing. Overall I would highly recommend getting involved with Power2Inspire to anyone interested in sports.

Rachel Garratt