John’s Road2Rio Rowing challenge completed. On Saturday 27th August 2016, at the Cantabrigian Rowing Club Cambridge Regatta, John completed the rowing leg of #JohnsRoad2Rio.

The Rowing was a great success. Gill Cooper from Cantabs was very pleased. Rosie, a wheelchair user John met at Cadmus, coxed and a young man called Robbie rowed, remarkably well for a first outing. Gill said (giggling) that she kept on being told, “But John rows so well!” Big headed…. John loved it. He reported that his hamstrings were a little tight as the only slight downside. I think that he will live! Ha ha.

The new prosthetic attachments shown here worked really well with nothing breaking under the strain. As always, a big thanks to Ollie and Max and the folks at CBAS (Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems.) The attachments and the rowing in general providing another filming opportunity.

Thanks to Gill, Rosie and Robbie for your help especially Robbie as he rowed on stroke side in a way that meant John could square. blade on bow side. line Also thanks to Power2inspire’s ACE Photographer Rachel Garratt for the fantastic photos.